If I ever die in a plane crash this is how I would feel. Probably.

To whom it may concern,
Had I known I would die this way, I would have at least written a will but I own nothing, except for a DSLR worth $1500 and a sack full of memories, which I don’t have enough time to unearth now, I am afraid. I am on a plane which has deviated from the regular path because of a technical fault and this might be the end of me. God knows what will happen in a few moments, I may survive but if I don’t, I hope this letter finds you.

I can’t tell you how I feel right now, it’s like all your life you are afraid of dying and when you are nose to nose with death, that fear vanishes and you get this feeling of tranquility. You embrace it, with arms wide open. Your whole life just flashes back like some kind of a foreign movie without the subtitles, that you hardly understand.

All my life I had been searching for a motive to live, I wish I had the choice of going back in time so that I could make things better.

God can be so cruel at times.

If only I survive, if only I get the last chance….

Love from above the ocean,

The last one.


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