The Head & The Heart.

Brain: ‘I can’t take it anymore! I have told you I don’t get along with that brittle heart of yours. Why wouldn’t you listen to me? ‘

The Heart: ‘Tell your mind I am not interested in its verdict. It has always been an endless feud between us anyway.’

We were fighting again, like always. I don’t know how we managed to be together all this time. But we didn’t have much of a choice; we had to bear each other.

I simply don’t understand human race. I completely bewilder myself. Humans mourn over little things, shed tears over loss of money but become insensitive at loss of honor, which simply baffles me. I try to be logical, always. But the heart wins in the end with its absurd motives. It annoys me.

People say I don’t help them when they need me, they say I am selfish. But how am I not when they themselves are inhumane? I never get to rest. I sweat over little issues all day but in the end I don’t even get to sit in tranquility.

Humans are blessed with a marvel like me but they are always ungrateful. Ah, blessings frittered away on the ingrates! Humans don’t even bother to utilize me, they just think too much but never implement on things.

At ungodly hours at night there is a feud going on between me and the heart, I always lose because humans are emotional creatures with a little sense of pragmatism. But they always end up whining later and ruining my peace. Oh, how I wish I could flee from this incarceration.


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