Who is Tyler Durden?

Who is Tyler Durden? Is it the monster that you created like Dr. Jekyll created Mr. Hyde in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” or is it just a character of Fight Club? What pushed him to a level of anarchy and self-destruction?

Society? Yes, society and its endless derision in the form of social ills.

Tyler Durden is within us all, the unwanted inner child that grows out ugly. The product of a bizarre society that is willing to spend a million on Liposuction than spending a penny on the people who are left with carcasses as their bodies. A nation that fights against hunger, poverty and education but cannot find a cure for the diseases they spread like Consumerism, Hedonism and Materialism that are ravaging their souls every second.

They are turning into a pile of ‘compost’ as the narrator would say.

Who is Tyler Durden?

Tyler Durden is your alter ego. He is the sense of frustration within us, our own sense of penitence. He is not your typical hedonistic-fu**er-of-a-self. He is the Mother Teresa of your generation.

He is not just a character from “Fight Club”, a book that you would read and forget over time. Tyler Durden is the symbol of humanity that has been created to eliminate the space monkey-ness, to introduce a little anarchy in the ‘social order’. He is the ideal of a society to eliminate outbreak of consumerism, Capitalism and hedonism.

He is the symbol of freedom and individuality.  

Tyler Durden is your savior and the Fight Club is your haven.